The Book–Camp

Our USP and what sets us apart from the rest – The Book-Camp is designed both for start-ups and for long standing businesses alike. The Book-Camp is there to put into place an effective, tried and tested path towards a bright future.

boot campWe will come into your business for a pre-determined length of time; assess and evaluate your needs and requirements to allow your business to succeed as it should. With just that little extra bit of help.

We will go into great detail and cover areas such as

  • Your obligations as a registered company/ Sole trader/ Director to make you fully aware of your responsibilities to HMRC.
  • Enhance the area in which you trade and the thing that make your business unique
  • Your Tax, PAYE, VAT and even CIS obligations
  • Help you understand basic Book-keeping terminology
  • Improve your current Book-keeping regimes
  • Explain software & how it can help you Business or help you navigate the Software you are already using
  • Create Invoice templates
  • Introduce you to other Contacts that may be useful to help build your Business

The Book-Camp is designed to take some of the pressure away and give you the time to efficiently run and manage your business.